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Give the Grind the Bird

Another retreat is over, and the final one for 2019. The transformation in personality, posture, confidence and vitality of the retreat participants is addictive for the facilitators and the participants. This time though one of my lasting memories came from the lead into it.

The retreat is focused on women. The concept is simple, to give them space away from all their distractions so they can focus back in on themselves and reconnect with what’s important to them; their own personal identity; how they want to live their life, reflect on their careers, and whom will help them live their life to its fullest, at work and at home.

Comfy accommodation on a 20 acre private property

By far the biggest challenge is to get women to actually step out of the grind, guilt free about investing in themselves and leaving their families or colleagues behind.

In October, one of our participants, Jane, had a particularly sticky time getting to us. Recently separated, with two children in shared custody, living a flight trip away. Having arranged everything to be away for the fours days, she had a horror moment when she realised she got the dates wrong.

Sickeningly, she realised she needed an extra day off work. Plus an uncomfortable conversation with her ex was warranted to see if he’d look after their children for an extra night and day, and a change of flight details.

Pow! Big knockout punch delivered by The Grind!

She fought back though. Her determination to invest her time in this opportunity finally got her to the retreat.

I’ve had variations on this story from many others who contact me seeking to invest in themselves. But the Grind beat them. Yes, the grind is tough and tenacious. It is relentless in seeking you out, keeping you busy so you don’t realise there is a bigger, better, more fulfilling life to live out there. It is devious and potent at manipulating your mind-set so you feel you simply cannot step away.

Next time you have ‘the calling’ to do something for you, give the Grind the bird! Prioritise your time for you.

The Author, giving the Grind the Bird!

The Grind deserves the bird! Not you, nor your life, nor your career and definitely not your physical and mental health!


The change in Jane has been extraordinary. Her work environment engulfs her in a vibe that ‘not quite good enough’ is normal, slowly eroding her identify and self-confidence. On our retreat, we watched her transform into a Leader (capital L) in a totally different environment.

In her words

What impacted me the most was the caving experience. It wasn't as simple as going for a run or sliding down a rope. It was about teamwork, leadership and following. Gone was the person I knew who wasn't confident and unsure. I was so comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. I was confident leading others through sections I was responsible. Not once did I question myself. I realised I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind too.” 

It has inspired her to think about other career options and pursue her passion for the outdoors. I’m glad she gave the Grind the bird! I hope you do soon.

Our retreats for 2019 run in 1st - 4th April and 15th - 18th November. Contact for more information.

Our inaugural Get A Grip of the Grind Festival will run 22 - 24 February 2019, in Bright NE Victoria. As we gather speakers, workshop hosts and outdoor adventure activities we will load them on to You can email me to get registered on the email list.

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